The Worst Universities in Michigan in 2017


1. Great Lakes Christian College

Location: Lansing, Michigan

Number of Students: 133

Acceptance Rate: 100%

Oh man, this building looks like where high school prom-night dreams go to die. With a lack of school pride and outdated academics, Great Lakes Christian College has a dreary and out-of-style atmosphere. Plus, students aren’t up-to-date with new information and events happening in the world. Only 25% of students stick around for graduation and, six years after graduation, graduates earn a median salary of $25,700 per year—lower than the national average of $33,028. It seems like a smarter investment to take the $15,000 per year that you’ll spend on tuition and head to a better, more modern, school. Or at least a school that doesn’t make you want to make Starbuck’s an aspiring career choice.



Adriana Echandi

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