The Worst Universities in Michigan in 2017


20. Spring Arbor University

Location: Spring Arbor, Michigan

Number of Students: 1,703

Acceptance Rate: 71%

If you’re a night owl, you’ll likely find that there’s absolutely nothing to do at Spring Arbor University after 11 p.m.—even on the weekends. Parties aren’t allowed on this dry campus and the on-campus housing rules are incredibly strict. Considering the terrible wifi, you’ll be lucky if you don’t go completely crazy with boredom here (sorry those co-eds don’t feel too frisky sober at 2am). Additionally, students dish out around $18,000 a year to attend here and the financial aid office and the administration are notorious for being unprofessional and disorganized. Perhaps going on a run will take the edge off? Unlikely, next!


Adriana Echandi

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