The Worst Universities in Michigan in 2017


3. Finlandia University

Location: Hancock, Michigan

Number of Students: 473

Acceptance Rate: 46%

At first I got excited too thinking it was lovely Finnish school that serves meatballs in Ikea furniture (yes I know Ikea is Swedish), but alas no. Students at Finlandia University often feel that the limited class selection isn’t worth the $24,000 a year that they pay in tuition and fees. The campus is in rough shape and student activities are unheard of. Not to mention, the security staff is generally considered to be lazy and useless—making for a complicated situation if something were to happen on campus. Honestly, it’s no mystery why over 70% of students decide to transfer to other schools where they can get a higher quality experience and a better education. Or at least they head to Ikea for meatballs…

Adriana Echandi

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