The Worst Universities in Michigan in 2017

10/24/11 Students fill a hall for a Chemistry lecture during a "Day in the Life" of the University of Michigan on October 24, 2011.


For some reason, the butt-cold, I’m talking your skin freezing to your seat, cold does not deter prospective college students from Michigan. In fact, outdoor lovers can enjoy a variety of scenery while “Cabrewing”, a very Michigan activity – drinking fresh brew and canoeing. Or mushroom hunting. Why college students have time to hunt for fungi unless it’s psychoactive is beyond me.

Otherwise, Michigan is generally known for having top-notch universities and an exciting atmosphere for students. However, some universities are seriously lacking when it comes to providing an excellent college experience and a quality education, which can heavily affect the job opportunities that are available to you after graduation. Based on a number of factors such as campus life, cost, safety, and tolerance for diversity, here we bring you the 20 absolute worst colleges to attend in Michigan.

Adriana Echandi

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