If You Want to be a Millionaire, Don’t Choose These 20 College Majors


College is not just about losing your virginity- if you haven’t already and discovering just how much liquor your liver can take. It’s also a unique experience where students work ceaselessly towards a degree that will help them start a career… you know for that house with white picket fence? Or at least an apartment where you don’t HAVE to cook at home because the man has put some green so you can go to Applebee’s or whatever floats your boat. But what if they choose the wrong major? I’m talking about it sounds really good right now, but in a few years it’s just a worthless piece of paper that your mother will remind you what a waste that was? Well, unless your plan is to work for minimum wage while small children laugh at you… read on. Prospective millionaires, if you want to make it, then best be sure your major is NOT on this list.

Adriana Echandi

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