Top 20 Fun Places to Live in the USA


When it comes to deciding where to spend the rest of your life, a lot of factors come into play… get it? Pun intended.

First what’s your kind of fun? Is it being slowly tied up on a bed for a few hours while random strangers chant magical spells at you? Whoops for a second a dozed off there, what was I saying? Oh never mind…

Maybe a good time for you is sizzling some hot dogs in the back while your significant other entertains guests by the pool. You look down at the BBQ while the doggies are singing in the sun, take in a deep breath and think, yes. This is more than enough. Thank you.

Deep introspective moments aside, fun factors include… what’s the cost of living? Are there job opportunities there? Will I be happy? Perhaps one of the most important questions is “is it fun?”. Nobody wants to live and work in a city where there’s nothing to do after work or on the weekends. Also, living in an exciting and interesting place can improve your quality of life and overall happiness. From Honolulu to Cleveland, here we bring you the top 20 fun places to live in the United States. 

Adriana Echandi

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