25 Richest Celebrity Power Couples


Did you know you had almighty powers? Yes it’s true! Just by clicking on this article, you are creating gods out of mere mortals! Don’t believe me?? Well I 100% bet you that each and every fabulous power couple celebrities on this list… poops. And if I’m wrong, well I’ll eat some poopey ice cream. Yes somehow in our seemingly chaotic lives, we still honor the tried and true Greek tradition of taking normal, pooping, flawed humans that walk alongside us on the earth and placing them on a pedestal thus knighting them with holy powers from above.

Yes, we the obsessed want the celebrity 411. We want to know about celebrity relationships, money, hobbies, you name it! It’s part of our worship, is it not? As a result, it’s mission impossible to create privacy when always in the spotlight… I should know (OK maybe not). Having all your dirty laundry and financial woes aired out in the public must land the down payment for their therapist’s new Malibu home I’m sure.

And just like the Greeks over the years, famous celebrities have hooked, broken, and made up. All the ups! Others have stayed together through it all and combined their wealth to become the ultimate demi-gods duos. They have become what we call, the super couple! From Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes to Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, here we bring you the 25 richest celebrity super couples.

Adriana Echandi

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