The 20 Worst Universities in Texas in 2017


1. Paul Quinn College

Location: Dallas, Texas

Number of Students: 402

Acceptance Rate: 32%

Paul Quinn… you really do try… featured in the 2007 movie The Great Debaters starring Denzel Washington, you also banned pork on campus to be “healthier” and mandated business casual dress code to prepare students for success. In that regard,  we see you and your acceptance rate of just 32%. But your shocking grad rate of just 8% shows that most of your students are not happy and leave to find a better future elsewhere. Or just leave. The major options are limited and the campus lacks social centers—making it very difficult to form a community and create friendships with other students. Sports aren’t a major part of campus life and the dorms are old and in serious need of a makeover…or at least a fresh coat of paint. Sorry not sorry PQ, “roses really smell like poo poo poo” to quote the great OutKast 2003 single.


Adriana Echandi

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