The 20 Worst Universities in Texas in 2017


20. Texas A&M University – Kingsville

Location: Kingsville, Texas

Number of Students: 5,077

Acceptance Rate: 82%

First of all the name of this school reminds me of a Simpsons corner grocery. And unfortunately it’s the scary kind. Because of the dark, solitary areas on campus, many students at this Texas university report that they don’t feel safe walking alone at night. Additionally, the housing situation leaves a lot to be desired—the bathrooms are often dirty and the dorms are old and falling apart. The nearly $12,000 annual tuition and extremely limited financial aid options result in over 70% of students fleeing to better places before graduation. Not to mention, the surrounding town of Kingsville doesn’t offer much in terms of excitement. Alternatively you can hang out (and make-out) virally with people not on campus on Sims but that defeats the whole purpose of college, don’t it?


Adriana Echandi

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