The 20 Worst Universities in Texas in 2017


3. American Intercontinental University – Houston

Location: Houston, Texas

Number of Students: 282

Acceptance Rate: 100%

Just as a “continental breakfast” is disappointing (always stale pastries…and never pancakes or the good the stuff!!) this Intercontinental University is just as blasé…

With the school offering few resources and career services for graduates, alumni of this Texas university often feel stranded and lost after graduation. During the academic year, there’s not much going on around campus and students are forced to find entertainment elsewhere. With the 28% graduation rate, it seems that most students choose to seek fun and entertainment at other universities. To top it all off, the $19,962 average annual tuition seems like a steep price to pay considering the lack of resources and activities.

You know, Starbucks offers benefits to even it’s part-time baristas… Not interested?


Adriana Echandi

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