The 20 Worst Universities in Texas in 2017


4. Baptist University of the Americas

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Number of Students: 128

Acceptance Rate: 100%

Can you say Hallelujah! Actually don’t. At Baptist University of the Americas, students only have a few major options to choose from, leaving little room for exploring interests and interdisciplinary learning. Student life is very uneventful, which can probably be attributed to the fact that only 57% of freshmen live on campus. Considering the school’s low population, that’s only around 20 students. Talk about drama! Or actually none at all. The lack of a social life and the small variety of majors results in a low graduation rate of around 27%. It seems that the other 73% of students head off to more interesting places… like ones with a real degree.


Adriana Echandi

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