The 20 Worst Universities in Texas in 2017


11. Texas College

Location: Tyler, Texas

Number of Students: 796

Acceptance Rate: 100%

Ladies remove your earrings, gentlemen roll up your sleeves. According to students at Texas College, fights often break out between students, which negatively affects student life and the learning environment- shocker. The administration is known for being unorganized and the financial aid office isn’t very helpful is providing students with options for paying their education. Six years after graduation, Texas College graduates earn a median salary of $24,300 per year—almost $9,000 below the national average. It almost doesn’t seem worth it when the school expects students to shell out nearly $16,000 per year in tuition. If you’d rather not eat TV dinners for the rest of your life… don’t invest your future here.


Adriana Echandi

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