The 20 Worst Universities in Florida in 2017


15. State College of Florida- Manatee-Sarasota

Location: Bradenton, FL

Number of Students: 4,097

Acceptance Rate: 100%

Don’t have long straight hair and double D’s or look like you’d date that crew? You’re out of luck here. State College of Florida is a great school if you want to continue the cliquey and immature atmosphere from high school with a price tag of $10,395 per year. For those who want a serious and valuable education, it seems more like a bad joke (which is likely the reason that only 34% of students who begin their education here stay until graduation). Teachers don’t seem invested in student success—creating a miserable and demotivating environment for all. At the same time, the social atmosphere is seriously lacking, which takes away from the college experience. College is not supposed to be all Netflix and chill…


Adriana Echandi

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