The 20 Worst Universities in Florida in 2017


16. Miami International University of Art & Design

Location: Miami, FL

Number of Students: 1,953

Acceptance Rate: 100%

This for-profit Florida university costs an average of $21,849 per year and most students report that it’s not worth the cost. The pricey Master’s program seems to be a review of the undergraduate program and a way to keep money funneling into the hands of the university. Not to mention, only 11% of students live on campus—making for a pretty limited community after classes end for the day. The lack of student life probably contributes to the university’s 32% graduation rate. You’re better off partying at Miami’s Art Basel annual expo and working your way up some art dealer’s butt Ă  la 1920’s Hollywood star than getting any success here.


Adriana Echandi

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