The 20 Worst Universities in Florida in 2017


18. Polk State College

Location: Winter Haven, FL

Number of Students: 3,269

Acceptance Rate: 100%

When the kind people at registration tell you specifically not to talk to the lady at the counseling center counter because, “She don’t know what she doing or talking about” they know because they are students!

Paying for college can be stressful enough, but it’s even worse when the financial aid office seems unwilling to help. Students at Polk State College have reported that the office staff is unhelpful and indifferent. With an average annual tuition of $8,512, this process can mean the difference between obtaining an education or not and probably contributes to the school’s embarrassingly low graduation rate of 32%. On top of all of this, the sports teams are seriously lacking skills. Looks like students here will need to find another way to spend their Friday night.


Adriana Echandi

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