The 20 Worst Universities in Arizona in 2017


13. Arizona Christian University

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Number of Students: 628

Acceptance Rate: 59%

For anyone who hasn’t accepted Jesus Christ into their heart and soul, Arizona Christian University is ironically like the anti-Christ being unwelcoming and intolerant. Students report that the overall atmosphere of the campus isn’t great and that the strict rules make them feel like children. In addition to this, it’s fairly difficult to get into classes, despite the size of the school, and there aren’t many resources available to help students form connections on campus or in the post-college career world. These reasons, along with the nearly $23,000 per year tuition, cause nearly 64% of students to leave in search for a better value. Also who thought it was a good idea to tell young adults what they can’t do, as if that has ever worked!


Adriana Echandi

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