The 20 Worst Universities in Arizona in 2017


14. CollegeAmerica – Phoenix

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Number of Students: 632

Acceptance Rate: 100%

CollegeAmerica looks like the kind of corporate office where you might try to kill your boss and yourself just to remind yourself you’re alive… and the reality isn’t much different. The school charges students nearly $23,000 per year for an education but offers little in terms of career services. There’s no athletics center and the student center might as well have been built for ants. With little to no communal spaces, it’s nearly impossible for students to take part in campus life and form connections with other students. I suppose that the dreary atmosphere and corporate look at least help students prepare for their future 9-5 office job, oh wait. They won’t get those after all…

Adriana Echandi

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