The 20 Worst Universities in Arizona in 2017


16. American Indian College of the Assemblies of God

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Number of Students: 75

Acceptance Rate: 100%

For such an intense name of a college you’d think the holy galactic forum was presenting quorum. We’re not sure if it’s the overly-difficult workload or the issues with the financial aid department, but the American Indian College of the Assemblies of God has a shocking graduation rate of just 7%. Athletics are non-existent and there’s a strict curfew on campus—making it difficult to have fun or feel like an adult. Sounds like what the Nazis tried to do, and see how that worked out. There’s not much to do around campus and, with a population of only 75 students, you better got along with your classmates or you’re in for a miserable experience. Drama much? No thank you!


Adriana Echandi

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