The 20 Worst Universities in Arizona in 2017


19. University of Phoenix

Location: Tempe, Arizona

Number of Students: 3,099

Acceptance Rate: 100%

Don’t be fooled by the clever, emotional commercials… there was one with some story about a great grandmother dreaming of newborn’s future. The school was founded in 1976… not sure that even makes sense! Better they used that money to make that ad for something useful. The education at the University of Phoenix hardly seems worth the annual $18,743 tuition and it appears that 84% of students quickly realize this and head off to another school before graduation. The school leaves a lot to be desired in terms of career services and, to make matters worse, it’s difficult to get letters of recommendation from professors. The financial department is equally as difficult to deal with—leaving many students struggling to get financial aid so that they can’t continue on with their studies. Talk about a rip off…


Adriana Echandi

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