The 20 Worst Universities in Arizona in 2017



1. Brookline College – Tucson

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Number of Students: 214

Acceptance Rate: 100%

If you want a second high school degree (not a real thing) head on over to Brookline College – Tucson! Actually you’re current high school education is probably better… students have reported that it’s impossible to transfer credits to or from the school—meaning you’ll have to start completely from scratch if you’re planning on transferring. They will assure you multiple times from multiple people just as a way to lock you in says several reports. Go ahead and pay $22,000 per year for a piece of paper. The financial aid office really doesn’t seem interested in doing their job (i.e. helping students get financial aid). With few student resources and on-campus events being few and far between, student life is essentially nonexistent. Looks like you’ll have to search for friends somewhere else.


Adriana Echandi

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