The 20 Smartest and Dumbest Presidents in America


Many of us have asked the question, “How dumb is this guy?” in referring to our politicians and particularly our Presidents. As a general rule of thumb, we hope this dude or lady (finger’s crossed) that’s running the country is at the very least competent. You know, the good citizen that takes the minute to put the recycling in the right bin. Has his driver use his turn signals in the limo. Ideally they’d be smarter. Smart like the kind that ace their SATs without studying and 30 minutes before everyone else kind of smart. But we’ll settle for not being an obnoxious bag of a person.

Or maybe we need someone who’s head is not so far up their rear that they can see where the country is heading. Should we have all our chief candidates take an IQ test or what’s in a diploma? Well maybe they cheated on their tests but it doesn’t matter when it was Daddy that got them into Ivy League school in the first place. Either way, experience on the job should be more than enough, right? Seems like we’re in an executive pickle.

To complicate matters further, according to Mensa International depending on the IQ test people can score differently. It all boils down to how they interpret the test answers. Which means that you might score 128 on one IQ test and 152 on another. This is why Mensa doesn’t pay much attention to your actual score, but instead whether or not you’re in the top 2% of people that have taken the test. Fair game.

Hey maybe numbers don’t lie but doesn’t everyone know that IQ tests aren’t a reliable measure of a person’s intelligence? Or so says Medical Daily. And my mom. Alfred Binet developed this test in the early 1900’s so what with all this new fangled technology if we can blast Kim Kardashians posterior to the Camen Islands, we should have a more accurate guide on how smart or how dumb someone is. Well maybe my example proves the latter.

For the purpose of this list, I’ve included IQ scores as a point of reference. What you find is the appropriate measure of how smart or how dumb our Presidents are is up to you. Perhaps you go by your personal well-being and happiness. I define it on the amount of times I’m laid during their Presidency. It’s called Butterfly Effect people!! To be fair, I wasn’t even born when most of these Presidents were in office. Does that mean as a race we are heading downhill or do the Obama girls have something to look forward to? Only time will tell.

Here is the list of the 20 smartest and dumbest Presidents in America.

Joanne Lewis

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