The 20 Richest Pop Music Stars



Ooey-gooey bubble gum pop send ecstatic shivers down my spine. My skin pores contract and electricity ignites all the way to the tips of my left and right third toe, I can’t do anything but get up and dance!!! Wait isn’t that the same for you? And is anyone else sweating? Ok well why then do we insist on listening to the same three beats, the same three chords, and the same three phrases over and over and over? We’re either insane or receiving some divine sacred nectar to the nooks and crannies of our souls. OK then again maybe that’s a little much…

And yet, music is much more than something to pass the time while you’re spring cleaning or heading out for a run. It’s something that gets us through life. Music that’s on the radio when the love of your life shows up (or leaves). Music that’s played when you just had a fight with your significant other and have no other words to say. Music when you get fired royally, you just found out your SO cheated on you with said boss, your dog died and you need those tunes while you cry pathetically alone in the parking lot (wait… that hasn’t happened to you??)

As I was saying, music is with us through both the good and the bad times, and it can make or break us. So it should come as no surprise that when an artist takes on the chaos of what’s going on presently and digests all our desires, pains and needs into a song, the cash register goes CHA-CHING! Yes being moved as a human does make the music industry an incredibly lucrative heart-string puller. Pop stars that once were wannabees walking down the street are now thrust into the spotlight and recognized as beacons of our times. As in, we look to them as both musical and cultural symbols in our society that will propel us forward in this magical and unknown black void called life. Ya dig?

From Cher to Taylor Swift, here we bring you the 20 highest-paid pop music stars in the world.

Adriana Echandi

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