20 Richest Pets and the Celebrities That Spend Millions on Them


Have you ever looked at some people’s pets… and felt jealous of the way they treat them? Because pets are so adorable, it’s easy to spoil them and take care of them… even better than you’re mother treated you… just saying. As if they were the children you never had. Nobody on Earth is immune to animal cuteness, not even A-list celebs or multi-millionaires. In fact, many people who have money shell out thousands, or even millions, of dollars per year to make sure that their pets are living a happy, free and comfortable life- just like their parents without the existential dred. Let’s face it, celebrity pets live better lives than most humans. From Jennifer Lopez to Taylor Swift, here we bring you 20 celebrities who are known to give their pets the Hollywood treatment.

Adriana Echandi

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