20 Pro Tips to Be A Millionaire by Age 45


14. Believe in yourself

All right, this one sounds very corny, yes, but it’s actually very true. If you can’t support yourself, then why would anyone else? If you preface everything with “I’m not sure if I know how to do this” and “sorry I’m bothering you”, for instance, people will be less likely to help you because of that negative initial attitude. In fact, start a coin jar- especially for the ladies. Every time you say sorry put a quarter, swear you’ll have enough dough to feed a village in Africa at the end of the year with the state of confidence in this day in age.

We’re not saying you should never ask questions, though- if you genuinely don’t know something and can’t research it later, ask someone with experience politely. Do not, however, drag them down. Everyone gets sad sometimes, but being overwhelmingly pessimistic will get you nowhere. Write those affirmations and put them on the bathroom mirror!

Adriana Echandi

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