20 Pro Tips to Be A Millionaire by Age 45


18. Budget for everything

Some people get their kicks from coupons or skydiving. Make budgeting your late night ice cream binge, LOVE the pencil. Do you feel it people??

Coming off of the last point, after you realize how much money you spend you can go about making a budget for everything so you don’t overspend! Make limitations for food, gas, etc., and consider how much you have to spend on rent, utilities, and other such needs.

If you restrict how much you spend, then you can maximize the amount you earn; by spending less on frivolous things you can put more money in the bank each month. That will make it feel as though you earn more. Oh, and always keep a stash of cash for emergencies- life is very unpredictable and cannot be budgeted for! Cookie emergencies for example, or rainy day I just HAD to have those shoes… another example. OK maybe not…

Adriana Echandi

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