20 Pro Tips to Be A Millionaire by Age 45


4. Embrace opportunity

Keep your eye out for ways to advance. Even if you’re working a lame-o job where children throw-up soda and food on you all day in an arcade (was that not your first day job?) Stepping on people to get to the top also isn’t advisable; no, we’re referring to instances where you can grow and advance in your life and business. Sometimes people are faced with an astonishingly worthwhile venture but turn it away because they already have a job or no time to devote.

Make time for opportunities if you feel they may make you more money or help you become better. Would you rather be passionate about a risk-taking opportunity or sludge along in your desk job? Your gut instincts are the best things you can use here (along with your common sense, of course).

Adriana Echandi

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