20 Pro Tips to Be A Millionaire by Age 45


5. Know your rights

Have you written poems or songs? Did you discover it on YouTube and wonder if you wrote it at all or if it was a dream but if not you should get a lawyer and sue? OK never mind. Published articles? Perhaps you have an idea that could be patented? Always make sure to protect your assets by all means possible. If you’re reading this article you’re probably not a singer, of course, but many people invent things without realizing it. You can patent your unique ideas and profit from them!

Such a grouping of things is called ‘intellectual property’. If you improve something in your workplace, invent a new tool, or revolutionize a way of doing something, chances are you have claims for intellectual property! Show those ideas and knowledge when doing business to show your capabilities. Or at least be fancy with yourself!

Adriana Echandi

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