20 Pro Tips to Be A Millionaire by Age 45


10. Dodge debt

Were you always picked last for dodge ball? Well you won’t need to physically avoid debt, just make adult decisions. If you have credit cards or accounts to shop with (as you should, to build credit) you’re going to need to stay on top of your payments at all times. I know, annoying! This includes paying your rent or your mortgage, any car payments, being proactive with anything that could harm or help your credit score on time. Put it in your calendar, no excuses.

If you miss a payment, don’t panic- just pay it however you can. Before buying anything always ask yourself if the payment plan is reasonable. Can you really afford $500 for a car and $600 in rent each month? Do the numbers before making any decisions that could hurt your score. Sorry although so seductive, that $1200 in cat memorabilia collectibles is not necessary.

Adriana Echandi

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