20 Pro Tips to Be A Millionaire by Age 45


12. Maximize your earnings

You don’t LOVE filing your taxes??? Really? Sorry if the title was a tease. Have no fear, however, because as a millionaire taxes are very essential to your life! You should learn to accept this and not fear it. If you really cannot figure out how to file your taxes for free, consider paying a small fee to have a professional do it for you. As in, if you’re a millionaire why in the world would you do it yourself? Have a pro, it’s CRUCIAL to maintaining yatch racing around the world status.

This will maximize your state and federal tax returns if you cannot do figure out how to do it yourself. If you can file your taxes for free and end up with nothing being owed, you’re on the path to financial success! Spoiler alert, if you got lot’s of money the government will try all kinds of sophisticated ways to get some of that. 

Adriana Echandi

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