20 Popular Multi-Millionaire Celebrities That Are Now Broke


Yes we all dream that once we are famous, we’ll wipe our butts with Egyptian cotton and forever swim in chocolate fountains- wait don’t you?

Well as the old saying goes “easy come, easy go”. Unfortunately, no matter how much cash you have padding your bank account, this is true… even for you that DESERVES to be famous (yes we we’re watching you sing in the shower and/or act in the mirror).

Over the years, countless celebrities have gone from living lavish, over-the-top lifestyles to being millions of dollars in debt, all due to reasons such as irresponsible spending habits or tax evasion. It just goes to show that money can be both our best friend and our worst enemy. From MC Hammer to Wesley Snipes, here we bring you 20 celebrities who were once multi-millionaires and are now broke.

Adriana Echandi

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