20 Florida Universities You Should NEVER Consider


If you’re going to consider Florida, don’t be fooled by the gorgeous fake tans and hot joggers on the beach. Most of the population has more cellulite than cellphones, and the amount of sunshine is paired with hurricanes and gators galore.

So what’s a young, eager college kid going to do? Well besides procrastinating their mid-term studying by hitting the Happiest Place on Earth- I’m talking about Harry Potter World, obviously… the “Sunshine State” has much to offer. But let’s talk education!

Have you seen the headlines? The University scandals are more ridiculous than the “Riddikulus” chant (seriously if you’re not a Harry Potter fan, please leave now). Just as Harry should have been wary of his house, be best advised studying below those parts of the Mason-Dixon line. We’ve found twenty universities with campuses and histories so grim that even the bravest of Gryffindors (AKA students) would lower their wands and run in the opposite direction.

Joanne Lewis

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