The 15 Most Ridiculous Laws from Around the World


Ok all of you goody two shoes, even those of you who never got a detention in high school, yes even you Glen Coco! All of us have broken the law. Especially when nobody was looking. Well, except for us girls… we’re made of sugar and spice and everything nice, obviously! If you don’t want to take it from me, John Hopkins Medicine states that boys are more likely to steal, and then lie about it, than girls are. Double whammy. Alas just like the rising tide of the birds and bees, both genders (and anything in between) grow out of our criminal animal streaks once we’re old enough to understand that breaking the law indeed has consequences. And for the unfortunate few who don’t get the lesson in the first dose, taste some serious medicine later.

According to the Business Insider, some of us break the law simply because ignorance is bliss or we’re walking ignoramuses to the follies of the law. Exhibit A, who would have thunk that singing Happy Birthday in public is breaking copyright? Real talk, anyone that sings that much at loud to get alarming attention, outside of professionals, are letting themselves be vulnerable to a law suit, just saying.

Exhibit B) traveling. Funny we don’t remember the excruciating pains of visiting a new place. Oh yes, it’s all well and good we can google maps to our heart’s delight but have you forgotten the late night food poisoning, or your credit card refusing to work until after three hours on the phone with customer service? Alas, we insist on basking in the glow of all the photos we took and most importantly share on our Instagram… but I digress.

Traveling is a minefield for breaking laws. And yes, we’re all quite politically correct nowadays. Highest power forbid we made a cultural faux-pas should we offend the insufferable French while snapping a few holiday pics at the Eiffel Tower (spoiler alert, mission impossible people!) However there are crucial life moments, no matter how hard you try, that you find yourself stuck in a situation that is a cough more serious than raising a few eyebrows. Criminal charges, for example…

Here are the 15 most insane laws from around the world. Brace yourself.

Joanne Lewis

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