The 15 Richest Supermodels


What does it take to become a Supermodel? According to Forbes, it’s a mixture of luck and good promotion. A person’s looks seem to be of minor importance compared to poise, confidence, branding, and being in the right place at the right time.

It doesn’t last forever though, and sooner or later every model is going to have to look for another job. At least until the accepted beauty look becomes more realistic than it is now. As you’ll see from reading this list, most, if not all, models turn their hand to acting at some stage, and a fair few of them have released workout videos.

But the Supermodels that become absurdly rich, are the ones who are smart enough to realise that they need to develop other talents as well. Vogue, has stated that the supermodels who become the richest, are the ones who’ve appeared in Sports Illustrated or on TV shows, or they’ve modelled for Victoria’s Secret at some stage in their career.

I would add that the richest Supermodel’s are the ones that don’t buy into the “I’m famous and I will always be famous” kind of thinking. They seem to realise that fame is indeed fleeting and that they need to use their intelligence to create a fulfilling life for themselves, when the fame is all gone.

Here’s the top 15 richest supermodels.

Joanne Lewis

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