15 Celebrities Who Reportedly Insured Their Body Parts for Millions

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There are other people who feel that celebrities are just like you and me. You’re wrong. They’re wrong. Most people living in the real world earn a lot less than your average movie star. And the more money you earn, the more you spend. As the rapper Notorious B.I.G. elegantly put it “mo’ money mo’ problems”.

According to Fox Business, celebrities insure their body parts for ridiculous amounts of money. Oh yes dear Fox, this is most likely a publicity stunt. I’m sure any of the Kardashians can afford the damages from falling off their high horse.

But it’s not the celebrities that insure their body parts. Slate.com confirms it’s often the studio or an advertising sponsor that insures the star. Ah ha! Even us common people can insure our body parts. For example I think my derrière warrants a decent coverage. Both literally and insurance-wise. Thanks grandma for the great bum! Apparently there are cases of football fans insuring against emotional trauma should their team lose. Or emotional shock if their team actually manages to win a game.

No doubt whether you agree or not, a celebrity’s body is part of their business portfolio and therefore essential in how they make a living. Should you attempt a stunning acting career, keep in mind it would make sense to insure your bust against accident for loss of income. Most celebrities can definitely take it financially but listening wisely to “their people”. I wonder how that insurance brokers in Los Angeles is, the one biting his nails waiting for the phone call letting him know that yes that waitress spilled hot coffee on Jennifer Aniston’s lap. And maybe I should look at insuring my fingernails? All this typing is really hard on these fab gals.

Here are 15 celebrities who insured their body parts for millions.

Joanne Lewis

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