The 15 Best Ways for Yogis to Save Money



If you havn’t subjected yourself to the elegant torture of bending your legs and spine into unique seemingly impossible pretzels- well you’re in luck! Yoga has been gaining in popularity as in, you can probably throw your cell phone in any direction and land some at some Namaste! loving studio space. Why you’d throw your phone is beyond me…you probably need some yoga to relax.

Even if it sounds absurd, the benefits of yoga have even the most physically-challenged giving it a good go. In fact, studies show that nearly 36.7 million Americans practiced yoga in 2016 alone. Thanks to its rising popularity, OMMMMing entrepreneurs looking to make a serious buck while “serving the highest good” has turned this free spiritual practice into the 1%’s #1 expensive lifestyle choice. On average, a single yoga class costs $12 USD. In cities or coastal areas, that price rises to $16 USD per class. Come to San Francisco where you can enjoy a $35 “donation” class. When you hit the mat three or more times a week, those prices can add up quickly and leave your wallet sweating more than you in downward dog (it’s looks exactly as it sounds). Luckily, there are some small and simple changes you can make to continue your yoga practice without dehydrating your bank account.

Adriana Echandi

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