10 Ways Americans Are Adding More Money To Their Bank Accounts

Cheerful senior couple counting coins at table


How much money would you like to have saved by the end of 2018? Or for your next vacation? Or your emergency fund?
Whatever your goal, the number probably seems overwhelming.

Trying to figure out where several hundred or a few thousand dollars might come from is tough. Instead, break it down. Find ways to set aside just a little bit at a time — you’ll be surprised how quickly you can move toward your goal!

To help you get started with that first step, we’ve put together 15 easy things you can do to help save and make more money this year! Not only can you read about them here, you can click the links provided if you want to take advantage of these ideas.


1. Do Gigs on Fiverr


No matter what type of service you offer, you can likely offer it on Fiverr. This is terrific for digital services such as graphic design, web design, short audio or video clip creation, editing services, writing and so on. If you have a bit of extra time and have decent command of the English language – you can make some good extra cash just from writing a few articles.

Fiverr has expanded beyond just the $5-per-gig model. Fiverr Pro pools the best talent on its platform. Depending on your skills, you could do considerably well on here. There are even some people making 6 to 7 figures a year just from Fiverr!


2. Negotiate A Better Mortgage Rate With HARP


If you’re a homeowner and you want to save yourself thousands of dollars this year, there’s a government program that you might be able to take advantage of called HARP. The Home Affordable Refinance Plan (HARP) could help hundreds of thousands of Americans reduce their monthly payments by as much as $3,500 in their first year. The program was set to expire in 2017 but has been extended to 2018 for the time being. In order to qualify for HARP you’ll need good or excellent credit, so if you don’t have a very good credit rating then this probably isn’t for you. To check if you qualify visit HARP Approvals, and fill out the short quiz (take 2 minutes). If lowering your payments, paying off your mortgage faster, and having an extra $290 a month in HARP savings would help you, then this could be the easiest money savings tip you take.


3. Drive For Uber


Need a fun, flexible way to earn money this month? Try driving with Uber! Demand for ridesharing has been growing like crazy, and it shows no signs of slowing down. To be eligible, you’ll need to be at least 21 years old with a year of driving experience, pass a background check and own a car made in 2007 or later.

We talked to Paul Brice, who’s been driving full-time with Uber for over a year. He earns $750 a week as a driver. Best of all, he does it on his own time. You can work days, nights or weekends — it’s up to you!

Work 40 hours a week for one month, and you could bank up to $2,400. Just remember to include the cost of gas and car maintenance in your profit calculations.


4. Answer Questions on JustAnswer.com


People looking for expertise online. JustAnswer (and several sites like it) allow doctors, lawyers, engineers, mechanics, vets, electricians, plumbers, teachers, IT, language professionals and others with enhanced knowledge to earn a small income merely answering questions from people who would otherwise have to pay a hefty sum for those answers.


5. Get Paid To Take Online Surveys


Let’s face it, a lot of us have a bit of extra time on our hands that we just spend watching TV. What if you could get paid a little bit of extra pocket money just for taking a few online surveys? Would you do it? There’s a new website called Survey Rewards that allows you to do just that. You provide them with a bit of information about yourself and they’ll match you up with to surveys that you can complete for big brands. You then earn rewards and virtual points that you can redeem for Paypal or e-Giftcards. You won’t make a ton of money doing this, but it could help pay for a few things every month and it’s easy to do.


6. Get a Lower Auto Insurance Rate


You might think you’re already paying a low auto insurance rate, but recent research shows that only 5% of Americans over the age of 30 are paying less than $50 per month for car insurance. If you’re currently paying more than $50 per month, and have had no accidents or tickets in the past two years, you can probably secure a much lower car insurance rate. The best way to do that is to compare quotes from multiple insurers – let them compete for your business. In fact, there’s a new website that allows you to do just that – it’s called Get Insured USA. Once you fill out the form on their website they’ll provide you with multiple quotes you can choose from. If you’re still not satisfied, you can always call up the major car insurance companies and let them know you’re looking for better offers and see what they say.

7. Cut The Cord on Cable Forever


Millions of Americans are completely cutting the cord on their monthly cable costs, allowing them to save $100+ per month in unnecessary fees. Many of them are switching to Netflix or Amazon Prime Video subscriptions, but there are also other ways you can get cable channels without needing to pay a monthly fee. All your local news, weather, sitcoms, cooking shows, kid’s shows, sports and thousands of movies are available for free with The Ultimate TV box. In fact, most broadcast stations offer additional regional programming, absolutely free.

The Ultimate TV box is a state-of-the-art Home Theater box that can be easily connected to any TV. It comes with everything already installed and is up and running within minutes. No technical know-how needed. It is a all-in-one entertainment center that allows you to get rid of all your other hardware and remotes. All the apps we know are already pre-installed like you might know it from products like AppleTV, Amazon Firestick etc. But there is a main difference – it allows you to watch more than 1400 channels for free. With no subscriptions and completely legal.

8. Rent a Spare Room on AirBNB


Airbnb can s a terrific platform for renting out a spare room. You can make some good money, especially if you live in a tourist destination. If you don’t mind the neighbors, then this is definitely an option. You can crash with friends and family and rent out your entire house if you’re really desperate.


9. Get Money Back Instantly From Unclaimed Money.

According to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA), one out of eight people in the U.S. have unclaimed assets…with average claims of $1,000! Explore official sources to identify unclaimed assets for free. This page will help you search for unclaimed money and property in states where you have lived, including refunds from FHA-insured mortgages, back wages, pension money, life insurance funds, and more. It’s free to sign up, so cash is just sitting there waiting for you to sign up.


10. Make your Internet usage count!

Nielsen is a professional research company and the world’s leading provider of media and marketing information, including the Nielsen TV ratings. They’re looking to learn about what people watch, listen to, and buy, as well as what they do online. Filling out our survey and registering your devices is an opportunity receive rewards and win sweepstakes so you can make your internet usage count.